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Online Slot Games

online slot gamesWelcome!
Online slot games are one of the most popular forms of casino games. There are hundreds of those available to choose from, classic slot machines, video slots, dozens of progressive jackpots, 3 reels and 5 reels games and we can go on and on for hours only to name the categories available. Our goal is to try ourselves and list every worth mentioning online slot games out there.
So, If you want the thrill of playing slots online you have reached the right place, we have collected the best and most popular online slot games for you.

Best Slots games

Best online slot games
In the vast sea of online slots, there are those who stand taller than the rest of the crowd… In the list above we have collected only the truly amazing slot games with the best features and the top payouts; this section is the crown jewel of the online slot games world in general and our own little website in particular. We have gathered those games from three different providers so far; Playtech, Betsoft and Microgaming, but in the future we will add other significant providers as the website grows.

new Online Slot games

Online Slot games by software providers

The more we went into this project it became obvious this is a very hard task, if we listed the best software providers we counted at least six that are truly giants. So, we decided to create an entire page for each of the following software providers:

Playtech slot games Playtech Slots:
Over 400 slot games in total, including the highly popular Marvel series with amazing titles such as Wolverine, The Avengers, Hulk and many more successful online slot games. Playtech slots all have an info button to view the special features of the games and the pay lines.

microgaming slot games Microgaming Slots:
Also a giant with a great slots collection. All tested for fairness with eCOGRA - a third company specialized in fair gaming and payouts tests. The Dark Knight, Thunderstruck and Tomb Raider are among the favorites of slots enthusiastic worldwide not to mention all the exclusive games available at this software powered casinos.

Betsoft slot games BetSoft Slots:
A relatively new player in the industry but hugely known for its true 3D technology, amazing graphics and great plot stories. Successful titles like Mr. Vegas, The SlotFather and more games has conquered the market overnight becoming instant blockbusters. As far as we know, this company is not standalone software like PlayTech or Microgaming, but do offer the possibility to enhance any slot games repertoire with over 50 titles.

NetEnt slot games NetEnt Slots:
Also known as NET Entertainment, have a very large fan base especially in the Scandinavian and slowly entered the market of UK, Canada and South Africa, the slots offered by this software have a distinct look and feel you can't miss. Some of the best online casinos are powered by NetEnt and we are sure its fan base will grow furthermore.

IGT slot gamesIGT slots:
International Game Technology or IGT has been in the casino industry since 1950, but they emerged into the online market only around 2005. Since then, they have introduced us with amazingly popular slot games such as the successful Cleopatra slots series, Monopoly and many more.

All Types of slot games

progressive jackpotProgressive Jackpots:
A progressive jackpot is a very nice way to get rich fast. Usually, the jackpot is connected to more than one online slot game, and takes a small bite of every bet made at the jackpot slot games entire network, the more bets made - the higher the jackpot will be. Online casinos offer a great opportunity to connect a large network of online slots to one jackpot. That way ensures that when you will win it - you will win big!

Most online progressive jackpots can be triggered by any amount of bet. Imagine it, the minimum bet at the average slot games is around $2 and the jackpot can be millions, granted , the chance of winning it is slim, but still - what a nice picture it will be to see all those virtual coins transforming into a big payday at your bank account.

3 reels slot gamesClassic Slots games | 3 reels slot games:
This is the very basic form of online slot games and land slots in general. In these types of games you will have only 3 reels to create a combination for a pay line, and from 1 to three active lines. Yes, we know that for some of you guys feel those kinds of games are boring, but the fact they have entertained hundreds of thousands of players in the past 30 years since they were invented we do feel they deserve a place here.

5 reels slot games:
By far the most popular form of online slots, by now there must be at least a couple of thousand of 5 reel slots available to play at all software providers combined. Here you will find the best slot games online, the most interesting features and only great bonuses. And this is where online slot games excel over the land based slot machines. Since all the Intro movies, superb graphics and sounds and endless collection of title to choose from - is far better than any land based slot experience.

Movies themed slot games:
Many of the great slot games online are based on famous movies. Where the characters will win you the biggest payouts, the bonus features will give you parts of the movies and some even go through the trouble of actually building the entire plot of the movie into the slot. In this category you can find amazing titles such as: The Mummy, Rocky and The dark Knight - just to name a few.

slot games online

The Super Heroes slots series:
If you are looking for amazing payouts, great graphics and amazing bonuses you will be sure to enjoy slots belonging in this category. Playtech really out did themselves when presenting us the Marvel series. All of them can also be tagged under the movies section because most of the super heroes have been cast into a movie by now. The Incredible Hulk, Thor the mighty avenger and IRONMAN are a very good example of the powerful lure those slots present. Free spins, re-spins and cash bonuses all based on the movies and really fun to play at.

3D Slot Games:
As the technology moves forward, a relatively new category has been born. The True 3D slots. In those types of games you could find amazing graphics and animation, and when you play any 3D slot game you will really get an incredible gaming experience.
Moreover, as they stand at the very summit of the online gaming industry, they are available to play at almost any device including most mobile smart phones and still looks great.

Slot games by theme:
So many slots online have been created with a different theme but there are a few that stand out. For example the cops and thieves theme or the pirates theme based slots. We are in the process of organizing all our collection into themes as well as other categories we have already listed above, so when you will look for a specific game or category you will be able to choose your own favorite type and browse all the available free games on that specific category.

Online slot games blueprints

symbols are the where the playing cards or characters will be displayed on the reels. And will be counted, usually from left to right in the manner they are displayed on the reel to determine the payout of the spin.

online slot

those the vertical rows that the tiles are displayed on, those will turn with each time you clicked "spin" until stopping, then, according to the active pay lines and the tiles visible the payout is determined.

the lines or active lines will change depending on the type of slot you are playing. And you can find all the variation in online casinos, from one line to 1024, usually you can toggle which lines will be active on each spin, the more lines active- the better chance you have to win.

For example, in the classic slot games you will have 3 reels, 9-12 tiles and one pay line. At least this is how the first slot machine was built. From there we have grown and perfected online slot games until we have reach the high levels of entertainment we can now see online, featuring thousands of variation of the 3 particles above.

O.K. I got it, but how do they calculate bets?
betting at online slot games

Most spins bets are determined by the following factors:
The coin value, the number of coins, the number of active lines and bet per line. We strongly recommend checking out each game information section and pay lines before committing any money.

Coin value - the value of each coin you bet on, the range of this factor varies and depends on the slot you are playing. It can be a fixed value, or something you can change

Line bet - usually it mean the number of coins you bet on per active line, it can be one or up to 10 coins, some slot games online don't have the possibility to change the coin value but will for sure let you change the line bet.

The total bet - as we mentioned it is the sum of active betting factors we have listed times the active paylins.

Once a friend of mine didn't pay attention to the setting of the slot game he was playing and wasted his entire bankroll on the first spin. Please pay attention to that and once you decided on the right combination of coin bet, bet per line and total spin bet you feel comfortable with, start spinning,

Tips and notes

Before you start playing with your money, try the game for free. Once you spin a couple of rounds you will know the game better and will be able to see if you will like to spend money on it. We have a very large database of free online slot games you can try out - the one you like -play with real money, the ones that didn't payout- try aging later.

real money online slot game

Once you have decided on your next favorite game, choose the casino who offers the best bonus to play it, they will be listed on every page of the reviewed slot games and all of them are safe to use.

Another thing you need to consider before signing up to the casino of your choosing, Is your budget. We advise to set your mind on a specific amount before depositing, that way you will be able to fully take advantage of the best features online casinos has to offer online slots players, the first deposit bonus. Let me explain: lets say you don't want to spend more than $100, the first instinct will be to spread this amount into several deposits, However this is not thinking strategically, as when you make your first deposit, any dignified online casino will, at the very least, double your bankroll, we don't recommend any casino with less than 100% match bonus on the first deposit, keep that in mind and now think about it, if you take that $100 you want to spend and, for argument sake, divide it into two deposits, you will have $50 deposit + $50 match bonus + $50 second deposit = $150 total bankroll. While if you deposit the entire amount you will have $100 + $100 match bonus.

Online slot games banking:
We have gathered the best deposit methods available for slot players everywhere. It is a must read section for any novice players and we highly recommend you to check it out even if it's not your first "beach party". As we do have a considerable experience in online gaming industry and we could help preventing you from endangering your personal information safety.

One more thing, the right bankroll you need to commit in order to have a better chance landing a bonus feature or free spins has to be good for at least 50 spins. Besides, after you drink a couple of beers/margaritas you really think you will remember your deposit count? Better stick to your original instinct and play for that.

Online Slot games news and updates
online casino news
The place to play all the latest games in the industry,
We will post here all the new online slot games fresh out of the oven, as soon as they are available to play at, for real money or for free.

Top 10 Online Slot Games Top 10 Online Slot Games
While other top 10 lists mostly suggest the obvious choices, (like what casinos loves to offer players, what people search on Google etc.) we have taken our top 10 list to another level, we have actually played the games ourselves and came up with the ultimate list you are sure to love.
Check out our list of the top 10 online slots now!

Game Of Thrones slot gameGame Of Thrones Slot Game
Winter is coming!
It was only a matter of time until some slot software provider managed to close a deal with Game of Thrones creators to bring us a slot game based on the popular T.V. series. We have played it online as soon as it was live and loved it.
Play Game of Thrones Slot game NOW and see for yourself.

 Netent slot gamesNetent slots
This excellent slot games provider was long overdue at the top of our to-do list and we finally did it! Check out the dedicated NetEnt slot games section to play huge hits like Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, Mega Fortune progressive game and many others.

Read more about this excellent software provider here.

Coming soon...
After we have finished reviewing 4 of the biggest slot games providers we focus our attention at IGT (“International Game Technology “) games. IGT has brought us massive slots hits that are to this day so popular that many players came asking how come we didn’t add them before… so be patient, It won’t take much longer.

marvel jackpot slot games Marvel Progressive jackpot:
As you know, Progressive jackpots can be a really nice way to get rich fast, yes the odds are slim… but if you are already playing slot games for real money, why not play a slot that also have a nice fat Jackpot? Check out our marvel slot games section, we have listed any worth mentioning game with a live feed of the jackpot amount you can win.

Good luck!

High Limit slot games
Patrick (UK), contacted us asking if we can write a section with high limit online slot games. Following that, we have conducted a research and realized that the information about high limit slot games is really lacking. By the way, we didn’t find much information on low limit slot games as well.

We will pick up this task and complete it soon. on facebook Check out our Facebook page!

Due to popular demand, we have decided to run and manage a Facebook page, by doing so we could get you all the latest game reviews and the best exclusive casino bonuses in the industry.

We would really appreciate if you can acknowledge our hard work and give us the "Thumbs Up", but we would be even more grateful if you could share with us images of you, winning your favorite slot game!

New online slot games New online slot games:
We have opened a new section about the latest online slot games available to play. We will update it as often as we can so you will always have new and fresh games to try out.

Check out the new online slot games section now! slot game of the month

Slot game of the month:
On the left hand side panel, you could find the "game of the month", always featuring an interesting game we found or representing a game that was particularly profitable.

The side panel will accompany you on all pages and you could easily reach it with a simple click on the casino chip with the present icon on it (found the bottom right side of each page).

More Coming Soon...

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