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The Three Musketeers slot game - Play online for free

Play The Three Musketeers slot game for real money

The Three Musketeers slot game

Playtech slot games stand firmly at the pinnacle of online gaming, and this slot game proves it. Aside for a jackpot, this game as it all - cash prizes, reoccurring free spins, bonus rounds and many other features to mention a few.

While the three musketeers has a great atmosphere for free play, the above casino bonuses offers an amazing opportunity for a little real-money excitement and the rich bonus variety can really create the mood for a nice pay-day.


The Three Musketeers slot game - full review

Play The Three Musketeers slot game online

The plot:
The Three Musketeers is a classic by Alexandre Dumas that has been retold again and again. It recounts the adventures of Athos, Porthos and Aramis and their friend d'Artagnan. Dumas wrote several novels about this famous foursome. Now, Playtech brings them on the reels in a fresh quest subtitled The Queen's Diamond.

Card and symbols:
You get into the action straight away by enabling up to 50 paylines. There are four rows of symbols across the reels. You will find lots of 17th century icons that create the setting. These include diamond, crown, parchment, sword, muskets, daggers, gloves and moneybags. The three musketeers award scatter payouts and trigger their own bonus games. But it is D'Artagnan who takes you to the Queen's Diamond Bonus. The wild symbol can appear stacked, which is always a great thing.

The enchanting introductory clip that shows the musketeers breaking into a fort to the treasure chamber is a mix of bravado and spoof. You may find the win animations a bit subdued, but it is non-stop action when any of the features are triggered.

The Mighty Musketeers Features
Wild Muskets of Athos is triggered when a musket appears immediately to the right of Athos. He jumps outside the reels and fires the musket randomly creating many wild symbols. You then get one re-spin with the wilds adding to your purse. Splendid Sword of Porthos is triggered when a sword appears immediately to the right of Porthos. Porthos brandishes his sword creating an entire reel covered by wilds. You again get one re-spin. For Golden Daggers of Aramis to trigger a dagger should appear immediately to the right of Aramis. Aramis produces two bags of gold. You choose one to collect a bonus.

Free spins:
The free games symbol can appear stacked on reels 1 and 5. For each pair of symbols appearing simultaneously on both reels you will be awarded three free spins. But this is just the beginning. During the free spins these symbols can appear on any reel. For each symbol you be awarded three more free spins.

The Queen's Diamond Bonus
The Queen's Diamond Bonus is a five-stage feature triggered by d'Artagnan. You start with two hearts. At each stage you pick one of three items, following the trail revealed in the introductory clip. If you guess right, you collect a bonus and move to the next stage. If you guess wrong, you lose a heart and try again. If you run out of hearts, then do not guess wrong because your expedition will be aborted. Complete all five stages and the Queen's Diamond bonus is yours.

The Three Musketeers slot game - News and Promotions

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