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Whospunit slot game - Play online for free

Play Whospunit for real money

Whospunit slot game

When we first heard of Betsoft new interactive slot game we were sure it will be some kind of a failure, how interactive a slot can be? Well, Whospunit slot game is a wonderful game in all standards regardless of the interactivity it presents.

The idea behind Whospunit is simple but genius. You need to solve a murder, so you will get clues while spinning the reels, with each level of the game you solve another part of the mystery, the murder weapon, the place it happened and eventually the murderer.

Whospunit real murder solving is only available if you play all 30 pay lines, then the clue collecting will begin, so when playing it for real money, take that under consideration since you will need a larger than usual bankroll.

Whospunit slot game - full review

 Play Whospunit slot online for free

General information:
The regular pay table consist 9 symbols and 30 lines over 5 reels, while the max pay out from a single spin is unclear, we read somewhere that its around 300k coins. Whospunit bet is calculated from the coin value, numbers of coins per line and the total of active pay lines. As we mentioned above, the smart thing to do is bet all 30 lines so you will gain access to all the features.

Clues collection:
Whospunit is built from level, while in the main game; you will randomly receive clues that will help you solve the murder. Each level has a clock that once the countdown is done you will be taken to a special pay out table with different symbols representing different elements from the murder.

After you solve all three levels of the murder you will be able to get the evidence symbol on the middle of the third reels and then you can interrogate a suspect to win cash prizes.

Free spins:
Get on of each characters anywhere on the reels (one per reel) to trigger the free spins. Once you able to do so, you will receive minimum 10 free spins with an additional feature per suspect.

The house maid will double the free spins to 20, the doctor will have between one and five wild symbols randomly on the reels, the owner of the manor will activate wins from both sides f the screen to name a few, beside that you can have all free spins with a X4 multiplier or with one random reel as wild. In short, a very interesting free spins choice here.

Our opinion:
Whospunit slot game is a little complicated according to what we used to see from online slot games, but it doesn't mean it is any less fun playing it. In fact, it is one of our favorite slot games by Betsoft, it's sophisticated, out of the ordinary and for us it did paid up. So we don't see why you shouldn't give it a try for free and if you like it, chose one of our listed casinos and try it for real money.


Whospunit slot game - News and promotions

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